Who Is IAF?

Stop 1: What Is the Imagine America Foundation?

If this is your first experience with us, thank you for offering us the opportunity to help you and your child navigate their path toward a career that makes them happy while offering financial security and long-term potential. As a parent, you know how hard it can be to steer your child in the right direction. Growing up in today’s world is more complicated than ever. Most students have financial needs and shortcomings when it comes to their education costs. It’s also common for students to need some extra help, and time, to figure out where they want to go in life. And that’s OK! The great thing about America is that we always have another chance to get our education and lift ourselves up on our feet.

Imagine America Foundation was founded on the idea that all students should have access to affordable, career-focused education. Part of our mission is helping parents understand the options their children have as they grow into adulthood, complete high school and start looking for job training. Over the years, thousands of students have benefited from our scholarship awards that help reduce the financial burden of their education and training programs. We also work with adult students and military veterans to make sure they aren’t left out of the picture, either. So, if you are one of many adults considering a career change or a military veteran who wants to develop additional skills, maybe we can help you as well?

Join your child on their journey toward job training …

The stops on our Road Map for Parents who want to see their children succeed are laid out in the sections below. We will help you understand the significance and advantages of career training education (CTE) in today’s workforce. And we will help you identify areas of opportunity that align with  your child's skills and interests. From there, you can absorb critical financial information that includes planning, scholarship opportunities, and how to choose the right financial aid options that make sense for your child.

Now, let’s hit the road and visit the destinations that can help your child develop the professional skills and confidence that result in career success. Education and career training are the most surefire ways to ensure they are ready for the 21st-century workforce.


Let's define career and technical education.

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