Where Does My Child Fit?

Stop 3: Where Does My Child Fit?

Sometimes, students can be reluctant to enroll in school because they aren’t sure which direction to turn. It can be difficult, intimidating and frustrating to make such an important decision about their future. We tend to think of our kids as adults because they can be so independent and strong-willed in many ways. It’s easy to take for granted that their minds are still forming, and so are their views of the world and themselves. Talk to them about their career options. And more than talk: listen. Hear what they have to say, and think about ways you can help them accomplish their career goals.

Helping your child choose a professional direction

We generally divide career and trade school programs into four categories when we talk to students:

  • Business and arts
  • Health care
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Mechanical sciences

These fields offer entry-level opportunities that your son or daughter can aim for as soon as they complete their high school education (or equivalent). Health care is experiencing large growth, and so is IT. The mechanical sciences field is wide open, with growing opportunities in renewable energy. And of course, business and the arts are always options for learners who are interested in those types of occupations.

Are they still undecided?

If your child isn’t sure which direction would best suit them, you can recommend they take our career assessment test. It’s a really quick and simple set of four questions that can get the conversation going. From there, we can help you learn about programs in your area, And we can help you pursue the right mix of financial aid options and share resources that ease the burden of financial planning.

Take our free career assessment.

Now that we've figured out which area to study, let's get your son or daughter to school …


Making the decision to go to school can seem daunting to some, especially right out of high school. Imagine America has put together a Road Map to Student Success to help guide students on their way. Find out more.

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