How to Pay for School

Stop 5: How to Pay for School

We know this is probably everyone’s least favorite stop on the road to success. As much as we all would love to skip the whole "paying for school" part of the equation, it’s inevitable. That’s why we created a Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) tool for students and parents to use for creating a realistic budget for their time in school.

We want parents to familiarize themselves with this tool and the additional resources we provide students. That way, we’re all on the same page and in the best position to help guide children through this challenging step in the process.

Please take a few minutes to look through these tools and share them with your child, so they can understand their best options for paying for school. It's some of the most worthwhile time you can spend with your child as you navigate this journey together.

Did you know that Imagine America offers scholarships? Our next stop will focus on these award-winning scholarship programs …


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