Helping Your Student Stay on Track

Stop 7: Helping Your Student Stay on Track

It will be such a relief when your child is thriving in their career. All that hard work you did as their parent and primary mentor/role model will feel like it paid off. And before you know it, they'll start talking about the promotion they’re aiming for or the next level of education they want to obtain so they can get that promotion they want.

When students follow our Road Map to Student Success, they'll find we've included a final stop that helps them understand how to stay on track once they've obtained that coveted job they’ve been working toward. We want you to be in the loop as well, so you can be aware of their potential to keep moving forward. Of course, we aren’t urging you to be too pushy. But why not use some of these pointers as conversation starters with your child?

5 steps for career success — and how parents can talk to their kids about them

1. Network with other professionals. This includes joining relevant organizations and associations, participating in events and workshops, and taking advantage of continuing education opportunities.

Parents: Ask your child if they've made any new friends or connections in their field. Ask if they've learned anything new or connected with anyone at work on a personal level. You could also keep an eye out for social activities or organizations that might relate to their field of interest and pass along that information, without being pushy, of course.

2. Listen to your peers as well as your superiors. Many times, the best ideas and inspirations don’t come from the people above you; they come from the people sitting next to you. Try to learn from everyone you can, no matter how good you are on the job.

Parents: When they are in school or starting out on the job, ask about their training: How’s it going? What are the challenges? How do they get help — what resources are available? Sometimes, students and new professionals are too shy or don’t want to look like they aren’t up to the job. But the truth is, most skilled professionals are typically more than happy to share their knowledge with newbies.

3. Treat every job like it’s your passion. You might have higher goals. But the more you treat every opportunity with humility while building a healthy level of self-respect, the better off you will be. When you take every job seriously, you will naturally set yourself up for the next level.

Parents: Talk to your child about what kinds of goals they are setting and what steps they will take to achieve them. Maybe this isn’t a conversation you push when they are just starting out and finding their footing. But once you sense their confidence growing, foster it by encouraging them to think about how they can get to the next level. With the right encouraging tone, you can be their biggest cheerleader.

4. Consider yourself a lifelong learner. The great thing about the American education system is that you can always go back to school and continue learning. Even if you love your job and never thought you would make it this far, don’t ever be afraid to set new goals.

Parents: This goes back to the previous example. We always want our children to do better than us, right? Encourage your child to keep learning and finding new ways to love what they do. This might mean a complete career change down the road. And that’s OK! Just like any road map in life, the professional journey should be a unique path that each individual plans for themselves.

5. Look for ways to celebrate your success. It can be easy to get in the flow of a career, and then suddenly it feels routine. That’s why you need to always find ways to celebrate your "wins" at work and look for ways to lift up others as well. The more you contribute to a positive culture in the workplace, the happier you — and everyone you work with — will be.

Parents: Life can’t be all work and no play. Encourage your child to enjoy their time off, and look for extra outlets in which they can channel their interests. This might include continuing a hobby, coaching an extracurricular activity, etc. Our careers aren’t the only things that define us. Parents are in the perfect position to remind their children that life should be filled with hard work — and also enjoyed.

Do they need to find a new job? Then check out our job board.

Let’s say your child hasn’t arrived at this stop on the road. That’s OK. Sometimes it takes a little time to find your first job. That’s why we also include access to our job board for students to browse after they complete their training. They should also make regular appointments with their career counselors to make sure they stay on track and have the best chances for landing a job after graduation.

Thank you for taking this journey on our Road Map to Parent Success!

Do you still need more information about ways we can help your child complete the career training they need to start a career? Contact us today, so we can start mapping your child’s road to success!

And remember to share the links to our student, counselors and advisers sections to make sure you are on the same page with your child and the people who are in their support system.

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