Motorcycle Technician Schools, Training and Scholarships

Motorcycle Technician Schools and Scholarships

Do you want to become a motorcycle mechanic and get help with the cost of training? We help students compare Motorcycle Technician Schools across the United States. To find out which motorcycle mechanic schools near you offer Imagine America scholarships, simply use the map below to choose your state. Once you see your mechanic school options, request information from each one within commuting distance for you. Since this will be a hands-on program, you’ll want to be sure transportation doesn’t become an issue.


If you’re ready to check out hands-on motorcycle technician courses, start your search now. Then download the Imagine America mobile app to start your scholarship application, which could be worth up to $1,000 toward your tuition at one of our participating motorcycle technician schools.



2044 West Deer Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85027

  • Motorcycle Technician
9751 Delegates Drive, Orlando, FL 32837

  • Motorcycle Mechanics
52-6 Grumbacher Road, York, PA 17406

  • Motorsports Technology


How Imagine America helps motorcycle mechanic students

Once you create your free profile, you’ll be on your way to applying for an Imagine America scholarship. You can also access all the resources we’ve made available on our website. This includes insightful school survival tips, Road Map to Student Success and more. We even have tailored alerts for students in a variety of career paths. This way, you’re constantly in tune with the current job landscape and latest industry news.

We love promoting our career college and trade school partners. They typically provide students with a more efficient path toward career training than four-year universities. Plus, there are many reasons why students with mechanical skills should consider motorcycle mechanic training programs. After you request information from your local motorcycle tech schools, continue reading about the benefits of this career below.

Benefits of motorcycle technician jobs

For students who like to tinker with motorcycles, scooters and other types of small motorized vehicles, motorcycle mechanic training programs might be a perfect fit for you. You can typically complete one of these programs in 12 months or less.

Once you complete your motorcycle mechanic program, you can put your skills to work in several environments. You can work for a local shop, start your own business, or work for a manufacturer or other related commercial business. Motorcycle technicians are sometimes hired by automobile manufacturers who need techs with skills to perform some tasks for customers.

Motorcycle mechanic salary and job outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), motorcycle technicians earned an average wage of $39,970 in 2021. Of course, your local job landscape will be the biggest gauge of your salary and chances of employment. When you speak with motorcycle mechanic schools, be sure to ask which local employers they keep in touch with. This will help you spark a conversation with your career adviser that should last throughout your education. Set up regular check-ins with your appointed adviser to make sure your education is on the right track.

Motorcycle technician courses and learning goals

Throughout the course of your mechanic training, your curriculum will focus on several goals. These goals will be geared toward helping you step right into your first motorcycle technician job. Your courses will likely be designed to help you:

• Learn how to diagnose problems with motorcycle and small engine mechanics
• Apply precision measuring to transmission and engine-related repairs
• Perform electrical work
• Repair suspension and chassis
• And more

Every motorcycle mechanic program will be a little different. That’s the main reason we always encourage you to explore all your options for motorcycle mechanic training.

How to pursue motorcycle technician training

Choose your school on our listing to narrow your options for career colleges that offer motorcycle tech courses and programs. Then be sure to apply for our Imagine America scholarships for career college and trade school students. Best wishes on your road to success!


Motorcycle Technician Schools

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