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If you are a high school student who is on the road to graduation, we want to help you prepare for a career, without the stress that can affect many students who don't have the support they need. If you haven't taken a look at our Student Roadmap to Success, then be sure to check it out after you take a moment to become an Imagine America member. It's as simple as creating a unique login, and you're off to the races!

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1.) High School Scholarship money. Every year, Imagine America awards up to $1,000 in scholarships per student that can be used towards tuition and fees. This extra money can help ease the financial burden that is felt by students from all walks of life and income levels.

2.) Imagine America Mobile App. Students who use our handy mobile app will receive important alerts that can be easily missed with other forms of communication. From our app, you can check the status of your scholarship application, and access the additional resources that you can find on our website.

3.) Over 550 Participating Career Colleges. Not only do we work with over 18,000 registered high schools across the nation, resulting in over 90,000 scholarship application, but we work with over 500 participating colleges. That means you aren't limited to just a few options for career education. You can literally choose from programs all over the United States when weighing your decision.

4.) Build Confidence Through Community. By becoming an Imagine America member (which is quick and FREE for students) you become part of our community. You will quickly realize how supportive we can be while you are proving to yourself that you can achieve your goals. We continually update our site (and app) with blogs and resources filled with all sorts of useful information. We'll give you study tips, show you how to choose the right school, give you access to our job board, and more!

5.) Did we mention it's FREE? Look, you have enough expenses to deal with. That's why we help you plan for your school finances, connect with career colleges you are considering, and offer all our benefits to you for at no cost. We work with career colleges on your behalf to make sure you succeed in their programs. After all, our data shows that students who receive our awards have a higher graduation rate than those who don't.

Steps in the application process...

  2. Select "Create an Account"
  3. Follow the prompts that tell you exactly what to do
  4. Create your profile - and don't forget to save it!
  5. Select the "Apply for Scholarships" tab
  6. Select "High School" under the "Type" option for scholarships
  7. Choose your desired school by using the "Program of Interest" or state search options
  8. Once you select your school, you will be prompted to complete your scholarship submission

There Is One Last Important Step - But It's Simple

Do you know how to sit back and watch a video? Of course you do. That was obviously a joke, but paying for school isn't. As a last step in this process, we require students watch out Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) video. It's an easy-to-digest look at the financial aid process. We think it's important to help students make responsible choices about paying for school. It will ease your financial burden and help you focus on your training.

Ready To Prove You Can Complete Career College Education?

Become an Imagine America member, then move forward on your Road To Success! And if your parents are helping you make your decision, be sure to share a link to our Parent Roadmap to Success. This will help them understand who we are, how we can help you find the right training and survive when you start your new career.

Good luck finding the job training you need to make your daydreams come true!