Frequently Asked Questions- Imagine America High School Scholarships

Imagine America High School Scholarships

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Only graduating high school seniors or recent high school graduates who meet the following recommended guidelines should apply:

  • Likelihood of successful completion of postsecondary education
  • High school grade point average of 2.5 or greater
  • Financial need
  • Demonstrated voluntary community service during senior year

Recent high school graduates have until December 31 to apply. High school graduates of the next year can start applying on January 1.

  1. To apply for an Imagine America Scholarship, you must become an Imagine America member at
  2. Click the “Create an Account” button to have access to our scholarships. Select the option (student, alumnus/alumna or job seeker) that applies to you. Follow the screen prompts to access your profile.
  3. After creating your account, you will then be prompted to fill out your profile. You MUST fill out your profile before applying for a scholarship. If your high school is not listed, you may add the high school by filling out the information as prompted.
  4. Once you have completed your profile, search for scholarships by using the “Scholarship Program” and “State” filters.
  5. Review and apply for your scholarship. Make sure to watch the entire Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) video. Scholarship applications can only be approved if the applicant has viewed the FPMS video from start to finish.
  6. Once you’ve completed these steps, check your application status by clicking on the “My Applications” tab on the left navigation bar.

If your high school is not listed, you will need to ask your guidance counselor to create an account for your high school before applying. The counselor can do so at

Please allow up to 48 business hours (two full business days) for the information to appear online so that you may complete your profile. Once the information submitted has been verified and added to our records, you may log back in at www.iafportal.orgto complete your profile.

You may add your guidance counselor on your application by filling out the required fields in your profile. Or your counselor can create an account with us on their own at

You may change or update your information by logging in to your account at Once logged in, select “My Profile.” You will be able to edit your information here.

Yes, however homeschooled or GED students will need to provide an alternate organization and contact for reference. The organization should be licensed, incorporated or otherwise verifiable.

Examples of alternate contacts include

  • Local Home-School Association Member
  • Local High School Representative
  • GED Test Center Representative
  • Youth Activities Group Leader
  • Minister/Religious School Leader

The representative from the organization should submit the following information to

  • Representative’s Name & Title\Position,
  • Name of Organization,
  • Organization’s Mailing Address (including city, state & zip)
  • Organization’s Telephone Number,
  • Representative’s Telephone number (if different), and
  • Representative’s email address (preferably at organization if available)

This information can also be submitted online via the following link:

More than 400 career colleges nationwide and in Puerto Rico participate in the Imagine America High School Scholarship Program.  Search for a college here.

What Kinds Of Careers Can You Choose With A Scholarship?

First of all, congratulations on looking into scholarships to trade schools and career colleges. We help students all over the country connect with the right vocational and technical colleges that focus on career skills. If you already have your mind on becoming independent and able to take care of yourself after high school, then don't miss out on training opportunities that align with your goals.

Every student has their own dreams, but there are several growing fields that allow students to earn a living and enjoy their job. Here are a few areas of career training you may want to consider:

Healthcare & Medical. This career path has many entry-level careers for students. Whether you want to become a medical assistant, and work your way into nursing, or pursue other paths, such as billing and coding or dental assisting - you have options.

Mechanics. Like to work with your hands? Consider auto mechanics, or working in renewable energy. There is a growing need for wind turbine technicians across the United States. This type of work can be great for students who have the ability to travel. Working as an auto mechanic can also give you a set of skills that are needed everywhere people have cars - which is pretty much everywhere!

Business. The world of business and the arts is not going away any time soon - or probably ever. High school students seeking scholarships to career and technical colleges can also take business and arts focused programs. If you are business-minded, consider an associate's, diploma or certificate program in accounting, administrative skills or another business related area. This will help get your foot in the door of entry-level jobs while you plan your next steps up.

Arts. Students with artistic talents also have a place in many areas of today's workforce. Whether you want to work in graphic design, marketing, film and television, or another industry, our scholarships for career college students may be able to help you too!

Ready To Plan Your First "Adult" Steps?
You already know that life is stressful enough. That's why we help students who are getting ready for their first big life step: Job training. Not only can we help you ge through the scholarship process, we can help you understand the financial aid process, and how to survive in school.

Let's get you started on the Road to Success. Become an Imagine America member and apply for our career college scholarship for high school students today!

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