Enroll Or Update Your High School Information

Benefits Of Enrolling Your School With Imagine America

If you are a current partner school, thanks again for helping us improve your students' lives through career college and vocational programs. For schools that are ready to take part in our scholarship programs, we welcome you on board. To read about the benefits of becoming an Imagine America partner, check out the next section of information that includes several ways we serve schools like yours.

Or, if you are ready to enroll your school or update your current school profile or information, you can quickly review the steps under in the next section. And if you have any questions, please let us know.

Benefits of Imagine America for your students:

1.) Partnerships with 550 career colleges across the U.S. Their advisors can speak to your student ASAP about the training programs they need to start their first job in their desired career.

2.) Up to $1,000 in scholarship funds for eligible students to apply towards their tuition and fees.

3.) Imagine America mobile app helps keep them on track. It will help students understand the status of their scholarship, and give them access to all the student and job resources that we offer members. You will also receive a subscription to Career College Central, our quarterly publication with the latest career college sector news!

4.) Financial literacy support. We don't just hand out scholarships and call it a day. We try to foster smart decision-making in our award recipients. Our Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) tool covers the topics of financial aid and budgeting that can help students avoid the stress that comes with poor financial planning.

5.) It's free to sign up your school. That's right, you can enroll your high school with Imagine America at no cost. Our aim is to be another resource for financial aid and opportunity for your students.

Ready to get started? Read the following steps for enrolling or updating your school information...

How To Enroll Or Update Your High School Information

Whether you want to start working with Imagine America or make some quick changes to your current profile, here are the simple steps you can take to make it happen.

1.) To create a profil or update your current one, go to the Imagine America Portal.

2.) Once you complete your profile, you will be registered as an Imagine America member.

3.) For current members, you may update your profile information once you log into the portal. Log into your account here.

4.) Give up to 2 business days for your profile information to appear. Once our system has updated or enrolled your school information, you will receive a confirmation email. Easy as that! Students can now begin applying for our scholarship from your school!

What Happens After You Enroll Your School?

Once you become an Imagine America member, we want you to let all your students know we're here for them. Please pass along links to our Student and Parent Roadmaps to Success to anyone who may benefit from our scholarship opportunities.

And make sure all your students download our mobile app! It will save you the hassle of having to remind them about important deadlines and alerts about their scholarships.

Thanks again for letting us be a partner in your mission to help students find career training that fits their personality, skills, and growing opportunities in today's workforce.