Dental Hygienist Schools, Training and Scholarships

Dental Hygienist Schools, Training and Imagine America Scholarships

Imagine America offers career college scholarships for dental hygienist students at our partner dental hygienist schools. Qualifying students can earn up to $1,000 to use toward tuition in these programs. Plus, once you start your training, you’ll be able to access all the resources we make available that can help students succeed in school. Whether you’re trying to figure out the best financial aid options, learn some tried-and-true study tips, or need encouragement in keeping on track toward your career goals, we’ve got plenty of easy-to-understand information to help you make smart decisions. Use the listing below to help you sort out dental hygienist schools, request information from them and remember to ask about our scholarship!


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  • Dental Hygiene

Why Choose Dental Hygienist Training?

We encourage students to consider dental hygienist programs for several compelling reasons. First, if you’re a people person who has empathy for others, you’ll most likely be effective at making patients feel comfortable. Along with assisting the dentist, this is the most important part of your role.

Second, dental assisting is also expected to experience much higher growth than the national average (7 percent) for other occupations. Through 2031, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects this role to grow about 9 percent — higher than the national average!

Finally, dental hygienists can earn an average salary of $77,810 per year, according to the BLS. How many other careers can you think of that pay in that range with an associate degree education? This is a big reason why students consider dental hygienist careers for a solid entry-level career in health care.

Dental Hygienist Schools Programs and Training

Working as a dental hygienist will give you the opportunity to work with dentists and patients in your daily role. You may have to juggle administrative tasks in your position. If you’re employed in a larger practice, you’ll most likely stick to working next to the chair with patients.


Dental hygienist training typically includes learning outcomes that involve:

  • Cleaning teeth
  • Taking X-rays
  • Handling assessments during initial examinations
  • Recording and documenting strategies for patient treatment and health care
  • Instructing patients in ways that educate


When you speak with dental assistant schools, ask about the scope of their courses. You’ll need to learn how to use the ultrasonic tools involved in this practice. Being a dental hygienist requires a lot of hands-on responsibility. That’s why we recommend comparing as many dental assistant programs as you can. This will help ensure you choose the right one for you.

Ready to speak to some dental hygienist schools?

Take a moment to use our listing to choose from our dental hygienist schools. Once you request information from each school near you, go ahead and apply for one of our Imagine America career college scholarships!

Be sure to download the Imagine America mobile app to handle your scholarship application process. It’s also the easiest way to keep up with our ongoing articles that contain career advice and other helpful information. We want you to succeed in your dental hygienist classes. That’s why we aim to offer students more than scholarship aid toward their tuition and fees.


Good luck as you compare dental hygienist schools! Be sure to stay connected with us throughout your dental hygienist job training.

Dental Hygienist Schools

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