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Think it’d be cool to work with computers? Interested in working with code? Consider short-term programs that can train you to become a computer programmer! Our career college partners offer a wide variety of information technology training options, helping students like you get the hands-on training you need to get started. Plus, we offer scholarships worth up to $1,000 for qualified students who enroll in our partner computer programming schools.


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Working as a computer programmer

Your responsibilities can vary widely depending on the industry you’re working in—and the organization you’re working for. The actual scope of your job will depend on how your company structures its team and on the skills of the team members you work with.

Most programmers spend their time outlining how software is going to be created by using models or developing flowcharts about the code language. They also spend a lot of time testing, working the bugs out of code, and ensuring code functions properly across a variety of platforms. Programmers are sometimes required to work in developer roles as well.

Computer programmers benefit from developing strong communication and leadership skills. Even though many programmers spend the majority of their time focused on screens, being able to communicate clearly and effectively with their team, with other departments, and with their customers or clients is essential to job success—and career growth.

The best advice we can give is to speak with computer programming schools ASAP about the types of information technology programs they offer and how you can create a long-term strategy for success in this field!


Salary and job growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer programmers earned an average median salary of $93,000—or hourly wages of more than $43—in 2021. Programmers can work in a variety of industries and fields, often landing jobs with computer systems design companies or in the finance, insurance, manufacturing, or software sectors.

Once you are ready to start working as a programmer, you can prepare for a whole range of opportunities in the world of computers. Companies all over the world require the work of computer programmers to ensure their systems, processes, and tools work properly. Computer programming skills can also be used to start writing your own software, developing innovative business ideas, and supporting your own entrepreneurial goals. Your computer programmer training could lead you anywhere!


Classes and training programs

When you take a computer programmer training program, you can expect to learn to write code in different languages, most often Java and C++. Your courses will also teach you how to test programs, update code, and use code libraries to make writing code a more efficient process. Many computer programming schools also offer classes focused on less common languages or preparing for relevant certifications.

You’ll quickly learn from your instructors that being a computer programmer requires wearing many hats. Be sure to take a variety of courses to help you build a well-rounded foundation! And start thinking about where you want to work before you’re done with school: this can help you prepare for specific roles or responsibilities before you’ve even completed your training.


Taking the next step to become a computer programmer

Check out the listings above to help you get started with your training! It only takes a few minutes to request information from your local computer programming schools.

And don’t forget to activate your free Imagine America membership with our handy mobile app: It’s the easiest way to submit your scholarship application, get access to a variety of resources designed specifically for student success, and to thrive while you take your computer programmer classes. From the moment you enroll until you land your first job, we’ll share helpful info, give you access to our growing job board, and provide you with all the benefits of letting us help you further your career through education.


We wish you the best of luck on your road to a successful career in computer programming!


Computer Programming Schools

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