Chairvolotti Financial Retirement Plans

Chairvolotti Financial Retirement Plans

Contact Chairvolotti Financial for more information on managing your College/University retirement plan OR your own personal finances.

Retirement Services / Consulting

Chairvolotti Financial can take on the role of a 3(38) ERISA fiduciary investment manager. As a 3(38) investment manager we will have the responsibility to manage the plan's assets. This will shift the liability for the investments away from the plan sponsor. We will have full responsibility to select, monitor and replace investments as needed. A 3(38) fiduciary has "discretion" as a decision-maker as defined by ERISA. This does not absolve the plan sponsor completely of other fiduciary responsibilities, including the responsibility to prudently select and monitor the 3(38) fiduciary.

Institutional Money Management

We provide managed accounts with personlized investment portfolios tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Your investment portfolio is a crucial part of your lasting sustainability. Our desire is to help your organization work toward its long-term goals through balance and preservation of principal.

Private Wealth Managment

Whether your current goal is to accumulate wealth, preserve assets for retirement income, or establish an inheritance plan, Chairvolotti Financial can help you pursue all of your financial objectives.