Accounting Schools, Training and Scholarships

Accounting Schools, Training and Scholarships

If you’re searching for accounting training, we can help you get started. Just use our handy map below to find and compare programs. We also provide career college scholarships to participating accounting schools. And if you take advantage of your free Imagine America membership, you can see if you qualify for up to $1,000 to use toward your tuition. On top of that, we have a mobile app where you can manage your entire Imagine America experience at the touch of a button.


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Accounting salary and job growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), accountants earned an average median wage of $77,250 per year (May 2021 data). In addition, the BLS anticipates this field to grow at an 6 percent rate between 2021 and 2031. That’s faster than the national average, which is around 7 percent for the same period for all other occupations.

The job landscape near you will largely determine what you earn. When you speak with schools near you about accounting or auditor training, ask which companies are currently hiring and how much they typically pay. Of course, you’ll be fresh out of school, and most likely will start at an entry-level position. But the nice thing about accounting and auditor jobs is that they can offer a ladder for you to climb over the long-term toward executive positions.

What skills will accounting training teach students

The learning outcomes of your accountant or auditor classes should be geared to help you in a variety of skills around the office. Accountants must operate within their roles in an ethical way, while adhering to countless tax laws that require detailed understanding of accounting principles, terminology and other skills. Your responsibilities will also depend on the kind of company you work for, its size, number of employees, business objectives and other factors.

For instance, you might start out working in a payroll position for a mid-size company before moving your way up the ladder. In a higher-level position, you might help estimate the impact of certain financial decisions and business objectives your company is considering. That’s why we recommend brushing up on your interpersonal skills and participating in company culture when you can.

Accounting schools may offer courses with these topics:

• Ethics
• Corporate Tax Laws
• LLC and S-Corporation Laws
• Accounting Terminology
• Fundamentals in Accounting
• Financial Statements
• Individual Income Tax

There may be multiple skill levels for each type of certification listed above. These are just a handful of the topics you can expect your accounting or auditor classes to focus on. Be sure to listen to the experiences of your instructors while you learn how to become an accountant. Their insight will be as helpful as the course materials in helping you succeed on a professional level.

How to find accounting training and jobs

Are you ready to compare accounting schools in your area? After you request information from all of them, start your free Imagine America membership. Just download our handy mobile app and begin your career college scholarship application right away! It could be worth up to $1,000 toward your tuition at qualifying accounting schools.

Good luck on your road to success as you work toward a career in accounting!

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