21st Testimonials

"The Imagine America Foundation plays a critical role in raising awareness of our sector through much needed research and providing scholarship and award programs to ultimately support the students we are all serving."

– Russell "Wicker" Freeman, President, Coyne College

"The Imagine America Foundation’s assistance to students in the Career College sector and the important research done by the IAF has the full support of National College and whatever resources we can allocate. When we evaluated all the worthwhile organizations we could help, no other group came close to matching the philosophies we wanted to advance through the College’s giving. The IAF will continue to be at the top of our preferred recipient organizations."

– Frank Longaker, President, National College

"For students who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to seek higher education, the Foundation facilitates access with its scholarship and award programs. Working with the Foundation assists us to provide opportunities to better student’s lives and careers. "

– Piper Jameson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Universal Technical Institute

"The Imagine America Foundation has been producing vital research studies that have not previously been done in the for-profit sector, which gives policy makers information that has not been out there before. Institutions, such as ours, are able to present data from these research studies to congressional members, bringing much needed awareness to our sector."

– Jonathan Liebman, Chairman/CEO, Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Inc.