21st Century Workforce Fund

Since 1982, when the Imagine America Foundation was founded, educational research has been an integral part of the Foundation's activities. One of the goals of the 21st Century Workforce Fund is to conduct research that elevates the public’s understanding of the vital role of career colleges and their students nationwide. The Foundation, through financial support from the 21st Century Workforce Fund, has completed research studies that include:


  • FactBook: A Profile of Career Colleges and Universities
  • Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS)
  • ROI of Faculty Development: A Case Study
  • Graduating At-Risk Students: A Cross-Sector Analysis
  • Filling America’s Skilled Worker Shortage: The Role of Career Colleges
  • Economic Impact of America's Career Colleges

The 21st Century Workforce Fund is committed to financing and initiating programs that will educate America’s 21st-century workforce and prepare them for changes in our global and local economies. Through its supporters, the Foundation sponsors additional scholarship programs, including Imagine America Promise, Adult Excellence Award and the LDRSHIP Award. Since inception of these awards, the Foundation has provided approximately $130 million in financial assistance to students attending career colleges across the United States.


To make a donation to the 21st Century Workforce Fund please email or call 571.267. 3012.