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Connect With Leaders in the Career Sector By Sponsoring the 2014 Fact Book!    

Are you looking for a way to communicate to thousands in the career education sector?   Sponsor the 2014 Fact Book today!

Every year career schools and organizations nationwide receive the annual IAF Fact Book. Leaders in the sector use the Fact Book to educate congressional members and the public about positive impacts career schools have on higher education.  

IAF is offering you the opportunity to sponsor this publication. Your support helps IAF continue its mission of providing research for the sector.

Sponsorship is $25,000 and includes your logo on the front cover and a full-page, color ad on the inside cover.

Additional benefits include:

  • Press release announcing sponsorship
  • Email announcement of sponsorship sent to nearly 4,000 career education contacts
  • Sponsor logo and hyperlink on home page 21st Century Workforce Fund banner scroll
  • Company name and hyperlink listed on 21st Century Workforce Fund web page
  • Recognition in all Imagine America Foundation publications for one year

IAF will award the sponsorship on a first come, first served basis. In order to take advantage of this opportunity IAF must receive a signed pledge form by Nov. 13.

What is the Fact Book
Prepared by leading industry analysts, the Fact Book contains research and analysis of important trends in the career education sector of higher education. The Fact Book presents a comprehensive look at the for-profit and career college sector of higher education, as well as a comparison of public and private two- and four-year institutions.  See previous issues.

For more information about sponsoring Imagine America Foundation publications, please contact Bob Martin, President\CEO at 571-267-3012 or