Imagine America High School Application Process

  1. When applying, you must first choose a career college. Click here to search by institution name.
  2. Participating career colleges are hyperlinked so that you can click on their names to submit an awards application. Click on a name to begin the application process.
  3. Follow the screen prompts to select the state, city and name of your high school. Note: If you're unsure whether your high school is enrolled in the program, ask your guidance counselor. There is no fee for enrolling your high school. Guidance counselors can enroll their high school by calling 571-267-3015 or e-mailing us at with the following information:
    • High school name
    • High school full address
    • High school phone number
    • High school guidance counselor or contact full name
    • High school guidance counselor/Contact e-mail address (If your guidance counselor does not have an e-mail address, please have them contact us at 571-267-3015)
  4. After selecting your high school, you will be presented with a short application form to complete. Review your completed application form to make sure all information is correct. To submit your application, select "Submit your application."
  5. Your application will be sent electronically to the designated guidance counselor or Imagine America contact at your high school. The contact will review and accept or deny the application. If approved, the application is sent electronically to your career college choice.
  6. The career college will then be prompted to indicate via e-mails to both you and your guidance counselor if a scholarship is available. They will then be prompted to confirm your acceptance. At this time, the career college is e-mailed your application information. Note: Acceptance is always conditionally based on the student's ability to meet the college's general admissions requirements.
  7. Once accepted, an email will be sent with instructions on how to download your award letter and certificate.
  8. After you receive your certificate and letter, it is important that you now contact your career college and complete any pre-admissions testing and applications, if needed.

If you have additional questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.