Success Stories of Career College Students

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Every year we start collecting nominations for the Imagine America Promise scholarship program.  This is one of the times we get to meet our recipients on a more personal level.  Not only are these students Imagine America recipients but they are also career college students learning skills to better their future.  After interviewing several Promise recipients, all I can say is they are quite amazing! 

Meet Francisco Gomez and Miguel Orozco.  As young men, they always wanted to know how things worked. Often they wondered how a radio or toaster operated. To find out, they would take things apart and put them back together, not always in the same working condition. This curiosity is what fueled their passion to work with electricity.  Francisco is studying to become an electronic systems technician, and Miguel is working toward a degree in electrical construction and maintenance.  They currently attend Coyne American Institute in Chicago, IL and have 4.0 GPA’s, and near perfect attendance. 

Meet Molly Fitzwater.  Molly understood the value of higher education to her future success, but her family struggled to identify financial aid programs that could help pay for her education.  With the help of the Imagine America high school scholarship and Promise scholarship Molly received the much needed financial aid to attend college.   Not too long into her studies at National College in Harrisonburg, VA, Molly realized that she had found her calling. She was inspired by the passion her teachers had for what they were doing.  Commitment and personal drive helped Molly achieve her goal of becoming a college graduate.  She was the first in her family to pursue postsecondary education.

These are just a few of the many career college students working to better their future!