Adult Excellence Award

Non-Traditional Students Receive Award to Help With Education Cost

The Imagine America Foundation created the Adult Excellence Award to assist students who are attending participating Imagine America institutions through the Imagine America Adult Skills Education Program (ASEP). The Adult Excellence Award is essentially a continuation of the Foundation’s ASEP program.
Each scholarship provides $500 cash grants toward the student’s tuition balance.  The Adult Excellence Award is a competitive as a result not all applicants will receive the award.

Deadline: March 1, 2016

Applicants must meet the following criteria:
Student must have been an Imagine America Adult Skills Education Program (ASEP) recipient
Student must have completed at least one term in his/her course of study
Student’s graduation date must be after April 1, 2016
Student must have a college cumulative 3.5 or higher GPA
Student must currently have a 95 percent or higher attendance record
Student must write two statements, one on their college experience and the other about the Imagine America scholarship
Student must obtain a written recommendation from a faculty/administrator representative of his/her career college
Student must submit a picture
Student must submit college transcripts (these can be unofficial) 
Imagine America Foundation Policy and Procedures:
The number of recipients will depend on available funds
Each College Campus can nominate up to 3 students
The Foundation will review all applications and submit the completed applications to scholarship committee
Notice of recipients will be listed on the website and monies will be forwarded to the school
The Award is a onetime award, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable
All incomplete applications will be deemed ineligible
Award can be revoked if recipient’s current education is discontinued for any reason
For more information about the Adult Excellence Award, please contact us at
Imagine America Foundation Announces Recipients of the Adult Excellence Award

Students attending career colleges nationwide have been awarded the 2014 Adult Excellence Award. Applicants were nominated by their college because of their exceptional academic achievements. Recipients of the Adult Excellence Award have a cumulative 3.5 or higher GPA and a 95 percent or higher attendance record. Read press release.

Congratulations to the 2014 Adult Excellence Award Recipients!

  • Kristen Alway- Brown Mackie College- South Bend
  • Douglas Burford- Universal Technical Institute- Lisle
  • Susan Cannon- YTI Career Institute- Lancaster
  • Caleb Cantu- Universal Technical Institute- Phoenix
  • Jonathan Carden- Advanced Technology Institute
  • Natalie Camelli- San Joaquin Valley College- Ontario
  • Sherialle Chenault- Sullivan University- Louisville
  • Edwin Clark- Universal Technical Institute- Sacramento
  • Rebecca Cornwell- Daymar College- Paducah
  • Zachariah Coronado- Universal Technical Institute- Sacramento
  • Donna Dellaquila- Community Care College- Tulsa
  • Eslam ElBeltagy- Sullivan University- Louisville
  • Tammera Fox- Brown Mackie College- Boise
  • Jason Freeman- Triangle Tech- Du Bois
  • Timothy Fulton- Kaplan Career Institute (Formerly CHI Institute)- Philadelphia
  • Laura Garwasiuk- Motorcycle Mechanics Institute- Phoenix
  • Janeth Gonzalez- Medtech- Falls Church
  • Giselle Guzman- YTI Career Institute- York
  • Meghan Hildebrand- YTI Career Institute- Lancaster
  • Eden Hottell- Spencerian College- Louisville
  • Benjamin Jones- Daymar Institute- Clarksville
  • Kathryn Kane- Sullivan University- Online
  • Michelle Klucka- Art Institute of Michigan- Troy
  • Laura Kresnak- Brown Mackie College- South Bend
  • Stephen Leitzel- Triangle Tech- Bethlehem
  • Richard Michalak- Florida Technical College- Deland
  • Michael Mulligan- Universal Technical Institute- Norwood
  • Emily Myatt- Sullivan University- Louisville
  • Joshua Peterson- YTI Career Institute- Altoona
  • Kassandra Pierce- Brown Mackie College- St. Louis
  • Jazmin Rodriguez- Berks Technical Institute- Wyomissing
  • Jamie Satterfield- IntelliTec College- Grand Junction
  • Kari Schleicher- Triangle Tech- Du Bois
  • Ruth Sprankle- YTI Career Institute-Altoona


Congratulations to the 2013 Adult Excellence Award recipients. 

List of 2011 Adult Excellence Award Recipients

The Imagine America Foundation Announces 2011 Adult Excellence Award Recipients

The Imagine America Foundation would like to thank the 21st Century Workforce Fund for making this award possible.