The Russell "Wicker" Freeman Memorial Scholarship Class of 2022

The Imagine America Foundation, along with it's supporters, has raised funds to be donated to students that demonstrated an outstanding attendance record, excellent GPA and financial need to continue their career focused education.

We offered this scholarship to the students of our member schools ...

This scholarship was made available to any student who had previously been awarded an Imagine America scholarship. This meant that all Imagine America participating member institutions could have students apply for this award!

The Russell "Wicker" Freeman Memorial scholarship Recipients of 2022

Abigail Yang - Porter & Chester Institute
Andrew Thompson - Lincoln Tech
Casey Simonds - Bryant & Stratton College
Colton Dunn - Universal Technical Institute
Drew Mendes - Porter & Chester Institute
Dylan Sathchakham - Lincoln Tech
Eric Anderson - Triangle Tech
Evan Fayas - Universal Technical Institute
Jair Martinez - Universal Technical Institute
Jonathan Neufield - Wichita Technical Institute
Kaylee Bailey - Pennco Tech
Kaylee Aucoin - Lincoln Tech
Lori Koplar - Porter & Chester Institute
Maggie Dreger - Penno Tech
Peter Tournas - Porter & Chester Institute
Rainah Garvins - Porter & Chester Institute
Semouna Samuels - Porter & Chester Institute
Skyler Michael David Brewer - Wichita Technical Institute

Please Join Us in Thanking Our Sponsors

Rainah Garvins
"The Imagine America Scholarship has helped me finally take my first step into the career path I want!" Porter & Chester Institute - Waterbury, CT
Evan Fayas
"I want to be able to pay off college as fast as possible so that I can focus on my mechanical training. Imagine America has helped me do just that." Universal Technical Institute - Lisle, IL
Casey Simonds
"I don't want to struggle anymore. I want to be able to take care of my family and myself. This scholarship has helped me to afford my education." Bryant & Stratton College - Albany, NY
Dylan Sathchakham
"I view Lincoln Tech as a gateway to better and further my education as well as my life. This scholarship has helped lighten the stress that the cost of education brings." Lincoln Tech - Marietta, GA

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