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Photography schools and learning outcomes

When you study photography, you may learn a mix of traditional film and digital skills. However, since digital has pretty much taken over, you’ll likely focus almost all your studies on this medium. Your photography classes will help you fine-tune your natural eye for the lens. You can learn how to set up shots, color correct and enhance images digitally, understand lighting, perform simple setups, and more.

Photographer schools typically teach students how to work in a variety of professional situations that require photo services. Whether you want to be an outdoor photographer, take pictures of athletes in motion, or snap pics of runway models, you want a well-rounded education to prepare you. When you start working in photography, you might bounce around from wedding and graduation photography jobs to side work in film, TV or advertising. You never know where this career is going to take you. And if you pursue the right opportunities, you can design a career in photography that suits your personal passions and interests.

As you compare photograph schools, ask each school’s advisers about the kinds of employers in your area that typically hire photographers. Your classes will likely be led by instructors who have professional experience. Make sure you absorb as much information about their personal experiences as you can. This will help you make smart decisions when you start your photographer career.

Professional photography salary potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), professional photographers earned an average wage of $34,070 per year in 2016. Many photographers work on the side and have full-time jobs in industries such as advertising, film and television. While it’s quite possible to work full time as a photographer, especially once you gain experience, this is a great skill to combine with others. Many photographers learn how to use movie cameras and work as cinematographers. Others work as designers, traditional, animated, fashion — you name it!

When you speak with advisers about photography training, ask what kinds of career opportunities are available to students. You might also ask if any additional training programs are offered that you might add on to your photography classes. The most important thing you can do is to write down your vision for an ideal career. This will give you a starting point for your conversation when you compare photography schools.

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Photography Schools

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