Graphic Designer Schools, Training and Scholarships

Graphic Designer Schools and Scholarships

If you have artistic skills and enjoy working with computers, why not search for graphic designer schools near you? And if you need financial assistance, we offer education scholarships worth up to $1,000 toward tuition for qualifying students at participating schools. For decades, we’ve helped students pursue their dream of getting an education through our scholarship foundation. Recently, we decided to take things to the next level. Just download our mobile app right now to see how simple it is to submit your scholarship application.


Want to see your options for graphic designer training near you? Go ahead and use the map on this page to narrow your results by state. After that, request information from all the schools near you. Once you do that, become an Imagine America member — completely FREE — and get on your road to student success today!

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Graphic designer classes and training programs


Graphic designer schools can teach you a wide variety of skills you can apply to many types of jobs. With almost every kind of business requiring graphic design work at some time, endless opportunities are available to direct your artistic skills in ways that fuel your passion for art. Before you can set out into the workforce in this role, you need to be proficient in various types of software and applications. These are industry standards companies require designers to know and use on the job.

Graphic design schools will typically include courses such as:

• Adobe Photoshop (multiple versions of this software are relevant)
• Adobe Illustrator
• Desktop Publishing
• Technical Processes
• Layout and Design
• Photo Manipulation
• Drawing
• Media Methods
• 3-D Design
• And more

When you speak with schools about their curriculum, ask what kinds of jobs their learning outcomes can help you qualify for. You should also inquire about the local employers they work with to help students find jobs upon completion.

Graphic designer job growth and salary potential


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers earned an average median yearly pay of $47,640. While BLS notes you’ll likely need a bachelor’s degree to earn this title and salary, there are ways you can get your foot in the door earlier. With an associate degree or even a diploma, plus a great portfolio, you can sometimes catch a prospective employer’s eye.

Graphic designers also work freelance jobs and maintain clients on the side quite often. You may start working a part-time job for an advertising company while spending the rest of your time juggling smaller clients. Or you may go after full-time employment as an in-house designer for a wide range of businesses.

You might also extend your education and skills into new areas that add to your graphic design skills. In addition to graphic design classes, you might dive into animation, photography or other creative fields. When you speak with graphic design schools about their training, ask about the career paths their graduates typically take to maximize their potential.

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And remember to download the Imagine America mobile app and start your application for one of our career college scholarships. If you qualify, and you enroll at one of the participating graphic designer schools, you could receive up to $1,000 toward your tuition. Plus, we offer ongoing student alerts to let you know about industry updates, study tips and important trends in your career path.

Best of luck as you compare graphic designer classes and prepare for your next career!


Graphic Designer Schools

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