Grant For Military Veterans – Apply Now

Career College Tuition Assistance For Military Veterans

Are you a current or former member of a branch of the Armed Forces? The best part about becoming an Imagine America member is that you can qualify for our Military Award Program (MAP) scholarship - worth up to $1,000 towards your tuition and fees. Over the past several years, we have awarded over 11,000 Imagine America awards with our Military Award Program.

Benefits of Imagine America Membership for Military Veterans

1.) It is 100% FREE. Our scholarships are meant to ease your financial burdens, not increase them!

2.) Scholarships can be applied at 550 career colleges across the United States

3.) We offer a supportive environment, where you can access resources to help you find the right schools, programs, understand financial aid, and many other important topics

4.) Our mobile app is an awesome tool that you can use to follow your application through the submission process. We include all the articles, FAQ's, alerts to increase your chances of success

5.) There is no obligation. We aren't here to ask for anything, or hold you to any obligations. We are simply a resource and partner in your education. After all, if we don't help students succeed, we can't continue our mission to improve students' lives.

Steps To Completing Your Military Grant For College Application

Here's how simple it is to submit your application for our MAP grant program:

Step 1 - Create your profile on our portal page,

2.) Quickly create your login and complete your profile

3.) Save your profile, and click "Apply for Scholarships" on the left side of the page

4.) Under "Type" select "MAP"

5.) Select your desired career college or vocational school from the list or search by state

6.) Fill out the application, and watch our Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) video

7.) Submit your application!

8.) Download the Imagine America mobile app to keep up with the status of your application
If you don't have time to watch the FPMS video, you can always go back and do it when you have time. The important thing is to become a member and submit your app. Many career college and vocational school education programs have several start dates throughout the year. The sooner you knock out your MAP application, the quicker we can help you develop new career skills.

Military Veterans Are Natural Leaders In Civilian Roles

Your confidence, leadership, and job skills that you developed in the military can be huge assets in a wide variety of jobs here at home. No matter what your specialty or branch you served, we're proud to help you map your own road to success by furthering your education. After you submit your application and download our app, jump over to our Student Roadmap to Success. There, you can look at the ways we help students from the moment they decide to enroll in school until they land their next job.

Thank you for your service to our great nation! We're excited to be your partner on your next mission to reach the next professional level.

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