Financial Planning Made Simple

Financial Planning Made Simple Video

Why is this video important to watch?

We know it can sometimes be stressful or hard to think about the financial components of paying for your career training. That's why we created this video to introduce you to the process, to help you make sound financial decisions. College advisors at career and technical colleges also specialize in helping students figure out their best financial solutions. It will probably take a mix of personal debt, loans, and hopefully one of our Imagine America scholarships to trade schools and career colleges.

Follow these quick steps to completing your scholarship application to career and technical colleges - and check this important step off your to-do list!

Steps for completing the Financial Planning Made Simple video

Step 1 - Log in to your profile through the IAF Portal

Step 2 - Once logged in, select the "Video" option, located in the left-hand navigation

Step 3 - After selecting the Video option, the FPMS video should appear automatically

Step 4 - Watch the video, and take notes of points you need to remember or questions you may have about the information

Step 5 - When the video is complete, click the red button that reads "Submit and Complete"

Congratulations! Your scholarship application for career college is complete. Now that you have this part of the process behind you, it's time to get excited about your future. If you need some inspiration, or motivation, check out these quick facts about financial aid, scholarships, and continuing your education...

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