Enroll Or Update Career College Information

If you are a college educator or advisor, thank you for visiting Imagine America. We work with over 550 career colleges and vocational schools across the U.S. to award scholarships for high school students, adults, and military veterans. Through our programs, we have awarded over 65,000 scholarships from over 18,000 high schools.

Important deadline: Our scholarships run annually with a December 31 deadline.

What Are The Benefits Of Enrolling Your School?

1.) Up to $1,000 in scholarships for your students help ease the financial burden of tuition, which helps students focus more on their studies.

2.) Students who receive scholarships are more likely to graduate than those who don't.

3.) Our Imagine America Mobile App makes managing your scholarship really simple.

4.) Our App is also a great way to communicate with your students - and we help by sending important alerts and giving them access to our resources, and the status of their application

5.) Retention. Retention. Retention. Let's face it, retention is the education equivalent of 'location' in real estate. It's the most important barometer for student and school success. That's why our services, our app, our website experience - everything we do - is geared towards retention.

6.) In-App Job Board. What's the ultimate goal for your students - beyond graduating? Getting a job they can be proud of. That's why we include our in-app job board for all Imagine America students and members. After all, what's the point of helping students acquire job training if we don't also help them find a job once they're through?

Take a few moments to enroll your school, or update your current school information as needed. Then, take a look at our mobile app, and share these resources, opportunities, and our Roadmaps for Success with students and parents who could find them useful!

Steps To Enroll Or Update Your Career College

Take a few moments to review these quick steps for becoming a member or updating your profile. If you have basic computer skills, you'll find it's a breeze...

1.) Create your Imagine America profile by visiting our IAF Portal.

2.) Select "Create an Account" and choose "College Admin" from the drop-down menu.

3.) Follow the simple prompts that take you through the profile creating process.

4.) Current members, just login to your account by entering the appropriate email and password for your school profile.

5.) Current and new members can login to update their profiles at any time. For new members, expect it to take 2 business days for your account to be created. You will receive a confirmation email once your account is processed.

Eligibility Requirements For Imagine America Partner Colleges

In order to qualify for Imagine America Scholarships, your school must meet the criteria listed here:

- Must be accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
- Must register and pay the registration fee
- Determine how many $1,000 scholarships (tution discounts) will be distributed to your students
- Acknowledge the availability of Imagine America scholarships, and then agree to honor scholarship certificates presented in a timely manner b qualified students
- Participating career colleges reserve the right to prorate the scholarship aware over more than (1) payment period/quarter/semester

Want to schedule a free demo with us?
We can make this whole process really easy. Let us get to know you a little better as we walk you through a demo of our services, and tell you a little more about how we help students and schools.

Contact Lee Doubleday at 571-267-3015 or leed@imagine-america.org to learn more!