Computer Support Specialist Schools, Training And Scholarships

Computer Support Specialist Schools and Scholarships

Do you want to start comparing computer support specialist schools that offer top of the line training and scholarships? Use our listing below to narrow your options. Once you request computer support specialist training from your nearest school options, download our mobile app! You’ll see how simple it is to apply for our career college.



1215 Howe Ave, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95825


  • Tech Support Specialist

803 Glen Eagles Court, Towson, MD 21286

  • Computer Support Technician



  • Information Technology Certificate


What it’s like to work as a computer support specialist

After you complete training at one of our partner computer support specialist schools, you should be ready for entry-level work in this role. On a day-to-day level, you’ll typically work in a variety of helpful ways for your company or organization. In many jobs, support specialists help customers or even internal team members resolve issues. These are typically help desk-type roles, where a knack for troubleshooting and calm communication is essential.

The hours you’ll work can vary, depending on the type of company you work for. Sometimes, you’ll handle a 9 to 5 shift and have weekends off. However, computer issues pop up 24/7. So you can also expect to come across jobs that require off-business hours, weekends and holidays; some of these positions may pay a little extra for certain shifts. In your computer support specialist classes, listen closely when your instructors share stories about their positions in this area of information technology (IT).

Computer support specialist classes can prepare you to become a:

• Help desk coordinator
• Software trainer
• PC or Mac specialty technician
• Applications or support specialist
• And many other roles

What’s nice about this job is that it can prepare you for other careers in IT as well. Once you gain some experience, you can reach new levels. Whether you want to work as a network administrator, programmer, developer or other IT role, with the right computer support specialist training, you can build a foundation for long-term success.

Salary and job growth for computer support specialists

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks salary and job growth data for all types of industries. Their most recent data, from May 2016, shows computer support specialists making an average median wage of $52,160 per year. What we also like to point out to students is the anticipated job growth between 2014 and 2024. The BLS anticipates 12 percent growth in computer support specialist jobs. This is almost double the national average for all occupations.

When you talk with career college advisers about their programs, be sure to discuss the job landscape in your area. Your salary will depend on the kinds of businesses that are hiring near you. You should also speak with computer support specialist schools about other types of entry-level IT jobs you can qualify for after graduation.

Computer support specialist classes and training programs

There are many types of certificate, diploma and associate degree options for students who are just starting out. We offer scholarships to students of all ages and education levels. Go ahead and compare IT training programs near you to find out the details of your program options.

Here are some examples of IT classes you might take in a diploma or associate degree computer support specialist training program:

• Intro to Cybersecurity
• Hardware Fundamentals
• Microsoft Office (latest version)
• Network Administration
• Data Analytics
• IT Professional Development

You’ll also probably have to take some electives, or there may be some options for students to take different types of courses. For instance, your school might offer certain types of certifications — or a wide range. Some support specialist courses focus on certain industries, such as medical, home computing, cable and internet companies, utility companies, and countless others.

With certificate and diploma programs, you can typically complete your training in about 12 months. If you decide to work toward your associate degree, it will take up to two years to complete your schooling.

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