CNC Machinist Schools, Training and Scholarships

CNC Machinist Schools, Training and Scholarship Information

Are you wanting to look into CNC machinist career training, but you don’t know where to start? The Imagine America Foundation has CNC machinist schools that want to speak with you about training for a new career. What’s more, we offer up to $1,000 in scholarship aid to qualifying students who attend our partner schools’ CNC machinist programs! To connect with your local CNC machinist schools, simply choose your state on our listing below and then request program information from all your options.


2915 Aloutte Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

    • CNC Machining & Manufacturing
7225 Winton Drive, Indianapolis, IN 462268

  • CNC Machining and Manufacturing
70 McKee Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430

  • CNC Machining & Manufacturing

220 Byers Creek Road, Mooresville, NC 28117

  • Automotive Technology
  • CNC Machining
  • NASCAR Technology

How Imagine America helps CNC machinist students

Once you become an Imagine America member, you’ll have access to all our helpful student information. Plus, you can start your scholarship application immediately to find out if you qualify for $1,000 in aid. You can also enjoy your complete Imagine America experience with our convenient mobile app. This handy resource enables you to update your profile, submit your scholarship application, and browse our growing library of student resources. Whether you want to get study tips for your CNC machinist training, review how to prepare for an interview, or search for employment on our job board for graduates, we’re here for you!

For us, helping students extends beyond giving scholarship aid. We want to create connections between you and the right CNC machinist school, and be a bridge to your next career opportunity. Continue reading to learn more about becoming a CNC machinist. Or go ahead and choose your state to see where you can find CNC machinist training schools near you.

What does a CNC machinist do?

For students who are just learning about this trade, CNC stands for “computer numeric controlled” in relation to heavy equipment and the kind of machines that you would find in all sorts of industries, trades and jobs involving skilled labor. According to, “CNC machinists work with computer numeric controlled heavy machinery from setup to operation to produce parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials. Computer numeric controlled equipment is precision machinery that cuts, grinds or drills into the material.”

In your role, you’ll make sure machines are calibrated correctly for the type of job you’re doing and that everything is in proper working order and safe for the operator to use. You’ll also confirm machines are working at full capacity and are stocked with materials needed for the job. As you complete CNC machinist training, you’ll learn to wear a variety of hats in your role. Per, “CNC machinists may work on many different machines or specialize on one complex machine. They are builders, fabricators, mechanics, craftsmen and quality assurance all wrapped into one.”

Salary and job growth for CNC machinists

When you speak with CNC machinist schools, be sure to ask which employers in your area hire their graduates. Many career advisers who promote our CNC machinist scholarship opportunities have connections with local employers. Employers find it helpful to maintain close relationships with CNC machinist schools because this consistently provides them with a pool of qualified candidates for employment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) classifies CNC machinists under “Machinist and Tool and Die Makers” in their career-related data. In 2021, the median annual wage for a machinist was $47,940 per year, according to their data. Furthermore, the BLS predicts machinist jobs will keep pace with the average job growth for all occupations.

Where can CNC machinists work after training?

A wide number of industries rely on CNC machinists as well as other types of machinists, and tool and die makers, to operate equipment. With your CNC machinist education, you may be able to prepare for roles in a number of work environments, including:

• Factories
• Machine shops
• Toolrooms
• Other types of manufacturing facilities

Workers can expect to find full-time employment for most positions. You may also be required to work nights, weekends and put in overtime hours, if needed. Because industries rely on machines to work perfectly all the time, if something breaks down and you’re needed to help fix the problem, you’ll need to jump right in to help. So this career path requires dedication and a strong work ethic to succeed.

CNC machinist schools and training programs

Many CNC machinist training programs can be completed in less than a year. This means that if you love working with heavy machinery, and have a knack for computers and tools, you can be working in a little over 12 months. To prepare you for CNC machinist jobs, you’ll learn a variety of skills when you train.

CNC machinist schools can teach you how to:

• Understand blueprints, and use CAD and CAM software
• Set up and break down CNC machine tools
• Properly adjust cutting tools
• Smooth out parts and pieces as needed to help machines function
• Tailor parts to meet specifications
• Repair or build new pieces and parts for all kinds of machines

In CNC training programs that teach you newer techniques, you might get to work with lasers, electric wires and hydraulic jets as tools. You may also learn how to build devices that are intended to hold pieces of metal in place. Be sure to ask each school you speak with about all the areas your classes will focus on.

How to become a CNC machinist and apply for career college scholarships

Your next step is pretty straightforward: Use our listing to choose your program options. After that, be sure to download our awesome Imagine America mobile app! With that simple tool, you can apply for CNC machinist scholarship aid, worth up to $1,000 for qualifying students!

Thanks again for checking out Imagine America and our CNC machinist training school partners. We wish you all the best on your road to success!

CNC Machinist Schools

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