Animation Schools, Training and Scholarships

Animation Schools, Training and Scholarships

Do you have strong computer skills and artistic talent? If so, you might be a great candidate for multimedia artist and animator training at one of our partner animation schools! Imagine America helps students through our scholarships to career colleges and trade school programs. We award up to $1,000 per qualifying student to use toward tuition and fees. Additionally, if you download our handy mobile app, you can experience all the benefits of working with us while you train for a job.


We help keep students engaged by updating our Trends and Resources section with study tips and financial aid advice. We also share important industry and job lead information with our members. And by the way, membership is FREE. All you have to do is sign up, start your scholarship application process, and search for programs. How simple is that?


If you’re ready to learn more about multimedia artist and animator classes near you, choose your school on the listing on this page. Request information from all your local options to be sure you choose the right program!



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Animation training programs

At many multimedia artist and animation schools, the courses teach students how to participate in all phases of the production process for all kinds of projects. Courses typically teach students a foundation of skills that involve using computer software to create art. Of course, having solid traditional skills, such as drawing, is important as well. Some of your curriculum may include these areas of focus to enhance the quality of your digital output.

You should look for classes that help you understand the storyboard process, as well as how to perform research to match the overall look and feel of the production. For instance, you might have to work on a period piece and make sure historical elements are correct. You’ll also want to learn all the relevant Adobe and other illustrator programs that are industry standards every multimedia artist and animator should know how to use.

When you speak with school advisers, be sure you understand the scope of skills you’ll be able to develop in their program. Then be sure you ask how you can begin developing strategies to maximize your potential for success in this field!

Animator salary potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), multimedia artists and animators earned an average wage of $65,300 in 2016. What’s more, they anticipate this career path will generate job growth equal to the national average. With the growth of 3-D animation in movies, TV and business practices, it’s no wonder these job skills are keeping pace with the rest of the workforce.

The salary you earn in this role will largely depend on where you live, your level of experience and other factors. For instance, an artist who works for Disney in Hollywood is likely going to earn more than someone building 3-D models for television commercials in Pennsylvania. That’s why we recommend speaking with your multimedia artist and animation schools about salary potential for your area as soon as possible. This can also help you understand ways to be competitive and create your own opportunities for success.

Ready to search for animation schools?

Don’t wait to take the next step in your career. Let us help you search for multimedia artist and animation schools in your area. Choose your school above, request information — then apply for your Imagine America scholarship worth up to $1,000 for qualifying students.

Animation Schools

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