Publication Criteria

Papers should be no more than 1,500 words in length with 1.5 line spacing. APA format should be used (APA Guidelines). In keeping with the APA guidelines, each paper should have an abstract that provides a general content overview of the paper. The abstract is not included in the word count for the paper. Please use a non-serif font in size 12.  Titles should be bolded and subtitles indented one space.  All graphics should be submitted separately as an image file with notes in the paper as to where each image should be placed.  Full citations to all references should be at the end of the paper with page numbers in actual quotes from the original paper.  Papers should be submitted as Word or RTF files, not in PDF format.

Each submission will be subject to a "blind" evaluation by members of the Peer Review Board for currency, relevance to the field, and to verify thorough and accurate treatment of the topic. Papers selected for publication by the Peer Review Board will be forwarded to the Editorial Board for review of:

  • Content flow;
  • Adequacy of references;
  • Clarity in topic formation and argument; and
  • Sufficiency of supporting data and analysis.

Open Submissions