Business execs 'must have' new career college guide

Washington, D.C. (May 15, 2006) – Think of it as a must-have. A map for business executives who dare to brave the waters of the career college industry. Only one book has been heralded as the most comprehensive resource of career college information available. And, chances are … your competitors are going to buy one.

The CCA/Liquid Education Guide to Career Colleges 2006 can be purchased exclusively through Together with a new companion CD-ROM, the 2006 edition presents up-to-date program information provided directly by the Career College Association and the Imagine America Foundation (formerly the Career College Foundation).

The guide provides information on a number of topics important to proprietary schools, including:

School descriptions

  • An extensive list of alphabetical and geographical indexes of career colleges
  • Profiles of these career colleges and the degree and certificate programs available at more than 1,300 institutions nationwide

Financial aid

  • In-depth information on the financial aid options available for career college students
  • Descriptions of about 500 schools that participate in the Imagine America scholarship program, which has offered more than $35 million in scholarship support to high school students

Accreditation guide

  • Explanation of the importance of accreditation
  • Details on the various accreditation agencies and what their approvals mean

Each book costs $24.95. A discount price of $17.50 will be offered to buyers of previous editions.

Contact: Bob Martin, Imagine America Foundation President
Phone: (202) 336-6758

About the Imagine America Scholarship Program: The national leader in scholarship programs available for those pursuing a career education, Imagine America has met with immense praise since it was launched in 1998 by the Imagine America Foundation (formerly the Career College Foundation). In just seven years, Imagine America has become the most recognized high school scholarship of its kind. More than 35,000 scholarships have already been awarded to high school seniors all over the United States. For more information about this scholarship program and other IAF scholarship and award programs, visit