Online Journal Inauguration

Gary E. McCullough

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Dear Reader:

I am pleased to present the inaugural issue of Instructional Practice in Higher Education: an Online Journal.  The Online Journal is intended to address the apparent absence of opportunities for faculty and staff of career education postsecondary institutions to share the product of their scholarship with each other and with the broader higher education community.

For some, the Online Journal may serve as a catalyst to change the way that you think about scholarship.  Historically, scholarship was reserved for professors in traditional universities whose primary role was to advance knowledge in their field of study, to publish, and to elevate the reputation of their institution through research. The Online Journal challenges us all to embrace a broader view of scholarship. We still want to increase knowledge and further reputation through publication. However, with reflection upon instructional practice, engagement with the literature, and writing about personal insights, faculty in the career education sector will now be able to demonstrate this emerging and broadening view of scholarship through a juried publication of their own.

Again, the concept of scholarship has evolved from an elitist activity undertaken by a select few to include practitioners who share their expertise and experience with students in our classrooms. I challenge you to redefine your perception of scholarship even further by suggesting that scholarship is a competency which we need to encourage in our students.  Employment in today’s global marketplace requires the ability to entertain and analyze a number of diverse perspectives, to connect these ideas with practice, and to generate new and innovative approaches to problem-solving. In short, our graduates, too, must be prepared to demonstrate scholarship.

I urge you to read and reflect on the articles in this inaugural edition of Instructional Practice in Higher Education: an Online Journal.  In all of them, the authors share good ideas and practices, ones that you can review and use, if you wish.  This is what the Online Journal is all about.  In one article, Catherine Fuller suggests that teachers who “evolve and thrive in our changing educational world” are those individuals who embrace opportunity, reflect upon their practice, and continue to adapt and improve.” The Online Journal, like each of us, will adapt and evolve over time.

The Journal represents the joint efforts of Career Education Corporation (CEC) and the Imagine America Foundation, an organization that supports and promotes the benefits of career colleges.  But the Journal is not about Imagine America or CEC.  Rather it is about sharing best practices across our sector; it is about taking another step to ensure that our ideas and successes are promoted in order to give our students the best education we can. I encourage each of you to reflect upon your experiences within and outside of the classroom, to share your insights with your colleagues and to employ Instructional Practice in Higher Education: an Online Journal as a vehicle through which to demonstrate your scholarship.


Gary E. McCullough, President and CEO
Career Education Corporation