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By Danica Benson

Did you know that last year more than 8,500 out of more than 10,000 applicants were awarded the Imagine America scholarship for high school seniors? This means that the Imagine America Foundation helped make postsecondary education more affordable for 85% of the 2008 graduates who applied. (That’s about 70% more than in 2007.) This is exciting news! The Imagine America Foundation recognizes that this would not have happened without the involvement of our nationwide network of over 14,000 registered high schools and the contribution and support of more than 500 participating career colleges.

Figure A: Top 10
Imagine America States

(States with the most 2008 recipients)
1. Pennsylvania 1,602
2. Texas 1,041
3. California 868
4. Colorado 588
5. Illinois 502
6. Tennessee 468
7. Ohio 399
8. North Carolina 379
9. Arizona 375
10. Indiana 346
Each year, the Imagine America scholarship for high school seniors is awarded to graduating students from across the country who are enrolling in participating career colleges. In 2008, more than 1,600 high school graduates were awarded the scholarship in the state of Pennsylvania, making it the No. 1 state on our top 10 Imagine America states list. Texas came in at No. 2 with just over 1,000 Imagine America recipients. California, Colorado and Illinois ranked third, fourth and fifth on the list respectively with more than 500 recipients. Completing the list were, in sequence, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona and Indiana at numbers six through 10. You can see the complete top 10 Imagine America states list in Figure A.

Out of 500-plus participating colleges, we’ve identified the 10 with the most 2008 Imagine America recipients. Nashville Auto-Diesel College in Nashville, TN, topped our list with over 400 applicants approved for the award. NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC, took the second spot with 358 recipients; they were followed closely by Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX, which had 334 recipients. All of the campuses on our top 10 list had over 200 Imagine America recipients. To see which other schools made the top 10 lists of colleges with the most 2008 recipients, see Figure B.

Figure B: Top 10 Imagine America Participating Colleges
(States with the most 2008 recipients)
1. Nashville Auto-Diesel College – Nashville, TN 436
2. NASCAR Technical Institute – Mooresville, NC 358
3. Universal Technical Institute – Houston, TX 334
4. Universal Technical Institute – Sacramento, CA 305
5. Lincoln College of Technology – Denver, CO 288
6. Ohio Technical College – Cleveland, OH 286
7. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA 285
8. Kaplan Career Institute – ICM Campus – Pittsburgh, PA 250
9. Lincoln College of Technology – Grand Prairie, TX 226
10. Universal Technical Institute – Avondale, AZ 206

The Imagine America Foundation experienced its highest number of Imagine America recipients ever in 2008. Though we’ve only spotlighted the 10 states and 10 colleges with the most recipients, we know that there are many high schools, career colleges and partnering organizations throughout the U.S. that continue to make the Imagine America scholarship program a growing success. We thank you for your support!

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