National College: “We are all about jobs”

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College Spotlight

By Ronnie Richmond II

There are many things for students to consider when deciding to attend college. One of the most important is making sure that the education they receive will help them find employment upon graduation. I visited National College in Lexington, KY, recently and spoke with campus staff regarding their school’s ability to help students after they graduate.

“We are all about jobs,” said Jim McGee, director of admissions at the Lexington campus.

National College was started 120 years ago when it began training railroad workers in Roanoke, VA. As the need for more skilled workers grew, the college added more training programs. It has grown now to more than 20 campuses.

Some of the more popular programs at National College include Medical Assistant, Surgery Technician and Information Systems Engineering. According to Jim, these programs appeal to students because they’re where the jobs are.

Jim says that what sets National College apart from other schools is its ability to quickly adjust its curriculum to meet the needs of employers as well as students; all of the benefits available at National, like lifetime career assistance and lifetime refresher courses; and the personal attention students receive on a small campus with small class sizes.

“Even if, for some reason, students find themselves looking for a job down the road, we will provide them with career assistance,” Jim said.

By participating in the Imagine America programs, Jim says that they have been able to help students prepare for better lives by helping with the cost of attending college.

“Many of our students have to count every penny, so what the Imagine America Foundation does is very beneficial,” he said. “It really gives us another tool to impact students’ lives in a positive way.”

Moving forward, Jim believes that National College will become even more involved in the community, have more graduating students, and will cater to a more diverse student body.

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