Understanding the Imagine America High School Scholarship Applicant

Foundation Highlights

By Torian Brown

The 2007 Imagine America high school scholarship program proved to be another successful year with nearly 8,000 high school graduates applying, over 12,000 high school counselors registering for our scholarship program and over 5,000 student scholarships being issued. After the 2007 program year ended, we were able to find interesting trends about our program users, counselors and students.

  • Did you know that Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Missouri and Illinois had the highest number of high school graduates apply for an Imagine America scholarship?
  • Did you know that the majority of students who applied for our scholarship heard about the program through their high school counselor or career college representative?
  • Did you know that our students were more actively applying for scholarships during the months of January – June?

To learn more about the Imagine America high school scholarship program year-end trends, contact Torian Brown at 202.336.6719 for a full report!