ROI of Faculty Development: A Case Study

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front cover of Fact Book 2009

This study focused on measuring the impact of the comprehensive Faculty Development Program offered by the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE), a career college employee development and performance improvement initiative formed by the Imagine America Foundation and MaxKnowledge Inc.

The evaluation study was conducted in collaboration with Universal Technical Institute Inc. (UTI), a CEE client. To perform a careful analysis and isolate the effects of the CEE Faculty Development Program, the UTI campus in Mooresville, NC, was selected for the evaluation study.

The goals of the evaluation study were to:

  • Identify participant satisfaction, planned action and knowledge increase
  • Validate the program’s alignment to UTI’s performance needs
  • Determine the success with the implementation of skills acquired from the program, including identifying any enablers and barriers to application
  • Understand the impact of the program on student retention and course retakes
  • Compare the benefits of the program to the costs and determine the ROI
  • Set the stage for future program evaluation studies within UTI and the career college sector as a whole

Overall, the conclusions from the evaluation study reflect that the CEE Faculty Development Program was a positive investment for UTI’s Mooresville campus. The findings indicate participants were satisfied with the program and acquired knowledge and skills needed to enhance their job performance.

Identifying the success of applying the knowledge and skills learned from the program was a key component of the evaluation. In order for the program to impact the business, behaviors on the job needed to change and/or improve. Seventy-nine percent of the participants reported their teaching performance had improved as a result of their CEE Faculty Development Program participation. The majority of the leadership group also reported improvement in instructor teaching skills. These findings, along with the positive instructor observation results, indicated that the participants were applying the skills and had improved their job performance.

As a result of applying the skills on the job, there was an impact to the business. According to both the participant and leadership groups, the program contributed to student retention and course retake improvements. After isolating the effects of the program, converting the measures to monetary value and identifying the fully loaded costs, the result was a positive ROI of 517% for the CEE Faculty Development Program. Additionally, there were notable intangible benefits of the program, including job satisfaction, faculty career development and student satisfaction.

This case study illustrates that results-based faculty development programs that clearly link learning to performance and organizational objectives can produce a significant positive ROI for the institution.

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