Q: Our college participates in the Imagine America scholarship and award programs. We have new programs of study we want to add/update in the program search feature. How do I do that?

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How Do I Do That?

A: Well, the Imagine America Foundation has great news! We are in the process of updating the program search feature so you can highlight the programs of study your college offers, and this can be searchable for all interested students.

The Imagine America Foundation is excited about the new program search feature launching in the summer of 2010. This new feature is available to every college participating in the Imagine America scholarship and award programs.

Participating colleges will have the ability to update and add the programs of study their college offers through the Foundation’s existing Applicant Management page. College contacts will be given a username and password to access the Applicant Management page. This will allow them to go through and update existing contact information and also make selections on programs offered at the campus.

Applicant Management Screenshot

Currently, the Foundation web site registers nearly 20,000 hits a month, and 14,000 of them are new visitors, such as students, parents and educators. Because numerous students choose their college based on their program of study, the Foundation wanted to help students find the right college for them with this feature. Students will be able to perform detailed searches. If the student is looking for a college in a certain area, they can search by city, state and program of study.

Search screenshot

The Foundation is dedicated to assisting and helping interested students with our application process. We are also dedicated to providing our participating colleges the best service possible. Look for this new updated program search feature coming soon!