Imagine America Promotional Materials Now Available

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The success of the Imagine America scholarship and award programs is the attraction of increasing student enrollments at a participating college. The best way for a school to differentiate themselves from other colleges is to advertise that they are a partner school with the Imagine America Foundation. Some might wonder how they can advertise that they offer the Imagine America scholarships to students – well, the answer to this question is through the use of the Foundation's promotional materials. IAF has created a variety of items for admissions and financial aid representatives to utilize during the enrollment process. The items include:

  • Scholarship and Award Flyers
  • "How to apply" posters
  • Website banners
  • Imagine America Scholarship and Award User Guide

The Foundation's scholarship and award flyers are great items to include in prospective student packets. These flyers advertise an additional benefit that the college offers to prospective students. Many times students make their decision on what college to attend based on the financial resources that the college has available.

The "how to apply" posters are helpful for students and staff members because they outline the application process. Many participating colleges hang these posters in their admissions and financial aid offices since the majority of students will use their prospective school's computers to enroll at the college of their choice. These posters can help the student apply for the scholarship during the enrollment and/or financial aid process.

The IAF website banner is a great tool to help a school advertise online that they offer scholarships to students. By placing the Imagine America banner on their college website, students can link from the school's site to the Foundation's site to apply for the $1,000 scholarship.

Finally, the Imagine America Scholarship and Award User Guide is a wonderful addition to a college's enrollment packet. Schools can include this guide in their admissions packets after a student has met with an admissions representative and expressed interest in their college. The IAF user guide will give students detailed information on the scholarship and award programs and how they can take the next step and apply.

New and existing colleges that participate in the Imagine America scholarship and award programs should take advantage of the Foundation's promotional materials. If your school does not have any of the items listed above, please feel free to contact Cheri Rudd at