One Student’s Passion for Photography

Student Success Story

By Jenny Faubert

Katrina Wheeler's Photography

“I know it doesn't take a degree to make a photographer, but for me, I needed that extra instruction to really hone in on my style, perfect my skills, and really master my trade,” said Katrina Wheeler, a student of the Academy of Art University Online and an Imagine America MAP recipient. Katrina started her own part-time photography business in 2003, mostly shooting weddings. By her own admission, she wasn’t very good, and it wasn’t until she started taking online classes at the Academy of Art University that she really became confident in her photography abilities.

At first Katrina was skeptical about the Academy of Art University Online because she had taken other online photography courses and none had worked for her. That all changed after her first semester at the Academy.

“I love my school,” said Katrina. “My first semester at the Academy was awesome, the material was understandable, and the online professors gave me great feedback.”

As a more hands-on learner, the interactive small online classes really worked for Katrina, who also finds the lectures in-depth and interesting. “I really have learned so much. I am so thankful for it and my work shows it,” said Katrina.

Katrina Wheeler

The Academy of Art University was established in San Francisco in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, a fine art painter. Stephens opened the new school in a rented loft to teach advertising art. Today, the Academy has more than 13,000 students working toward degrees like Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Associate of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts and Master of Architecture, as well as certificate programs or continuing art education courses, with over 30 areas of academic emphasis.

Katrina Wheeler's Photography

Katrina has always dreamed of becoming a professional photographer and hopes to support her family with her career. After she finishes her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Photography, she would like to start working
toward her Master’s degree.

“I love capturing little moments that later you might have forgotten, such as a little tear on the groom's face as he is saying his vows to his new bride-to-be, or an energy-filled child in the wedding who is just loving life but not paying one bit of attention to the wedding,” said Katrina. “I am so passionate about photography and I hope it shows!”

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