Cortiva Institute: Success Starts Here

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College Spotlight

By Andrea Spisak

The Imagine America Foundation takes great pride in the career college sector and the schools that work with our scholarship and award programs. In an effort to acknowledge schools dedicated to providing affordable higher education opportunities to students, the Imagine America Foundation has decided to highlight new campuses that have enrolled into one or more of IAF’s scholarship programs.

Cortiva Institute Schools of Massage Therapy has recently joined the growing number of schools that participate in the Imagine America programs. Cortiva Institute is dedicated to educating future massage therapists in a kind, honest and respectful environment that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise.

Massage therapy, as a profession, has a great demand for workers. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment for massage therapists is expected to increase 20 percent from 2006 to 2016, which is faster than the average for all other occupations. Students seeking higher education in this field can look to Cortiva Institute Schools of Massage Therapy, where they will receive high-quality health and wellness education and opportunities to challenge themselves while learning and growing academically.

The schools that make up Cortiva have histories that date back nearly 30 years, and Cortiva has united 10 massage therapy-focused campuses so they could share best practices and give students access to career centers nationwide. The quality of instruction at Cortiva campuses is excellent, with most instructors being well-known therapists within the massage therapy industry. The staff at Cortiva are dedicated professionals who focus not only on educating students but also on their personal development and growth as individuals.

Students can study at any one of the following 10 campuses: Scottsdale, Arizona; Tucson, Arizona; Tampa, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Crystal Lake, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Piscataway, New Jersey; Wall, New Jersey; King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; or Seattle, Washington.

Cortiva Institute offers a superior education and numerous student support services, making it one of the top schools in its field. To find out more about Cortiva Institute Schools of Massage Therapy, visit