One More Tip for Students before Going to College

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Publication Corner

by Jenny Faubert

Once students are accepted and enroll at their college, many won't think about it again until the day before they actually start classes. Don't let that be your student! Help your students prepare for college life.

The Imagine America Foundation has just made it easier for you to help your students with its release of the 2008 Imagine America Student's Guide. This is a free publication resource offering students tons of advice on navigating college life. Information that most students probably don't think of can be found in the Guide. One of the first things students get in college is a credit card. Most students don't research the good and bad uses of credit cards, which, as many of us know, can lead to debt. Many of us wish we could have read the article "Killer Credit: Wisdom for Swiping Plastic" before getting our credit cards.

This article, along with many others, can save your students time, money and energy. Information on student services, study tips, externships, and federal financial aid programs can be found in the Student's Guide, plus much more.

Know someone in the military? They should check out our new section on the Imagine America Military Award Program (MAP). Find out how service in the military can lead to success in college or financial assistance for service members in this section.

Don't delay ordering free copies for your graduating high school seniors. Contact Foundation staff member Danica Benson at 202.336.6724 or for more information.