Q: I am a high school counselor and I would like to know how a student can apply for the Imagine America scholarship.

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How Do I Do That?

A: In just a few minutes, your student can apply for the Imagine America scholarship online. Here's how: To start the application process, go to our web site at www.imagine-america.org. The application can be found by clicking on the tab "High School Students" on the left side of the web page, and then click on "Apply."

Imagine America homepage Screen Shot of web site form

  1. The first thing the student needs to do is select their college. This can be done alphabetically or by state. Once the student has located the right career college, they can click on the college's name to continue on to the next step.
    Imagine America college name
  2. Next the student will need to select their high school. To find the high school, the student will select the state it's located in from the first drop-down menu, the city from the next menu and the high school from the third menu, then click "Submit" to proceed.
  3. Now the student is ready to enter in their contact information. Students should complete all fields and check to make sure that their information is correct before submitting. Note: Counselors should not enter their e-mail address for the student, as this will delay the approval process.
  4. Once all information is entered, the student should read the usage agreement. Students must consent to the agreement by checking the "I Agree" box below the agreement in order to submit the application.

All done! The student will receive a confirmation that looks like this:

Screen Shot of web site thank you page

Students should record their application ID so they can check the status of their application online later. As always, feel free to contact Danica Benson, Scholarship Services Coordinator, at (202) 336-6724 or danicab@imagine-america.org with any questions.