Q: A student came to my office and asked me to help him apply for the Imagine America high school scholarship. How do I do that?

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How Do I Do That?

By Torian Brown

A. Good question. Try our 10-step process below. This was designed to ensure all applications are submitted successfully and processed in a timely manner.

10 steps of the Imagine America Scholarship Program high school application process:

  1. The student goes to our web site, www.imagine-america.org.
  2. The student clicks the “High School Students” tab and selects “Apply.”
  3. The student selects his/her career college of choice.
  4. The student selects his/her high school.

    Wait, I don't see my high school listed.

    If the high school is not listed, the high school’s guidance counselor/scholarship coordinator will need to contact us and provide the following information:

    • High school name
    • Full high school address
    • High school phone number
    • Full name of guidance counselor or contact
    • Guidance counselor’s/contact’s email address

    Guidance counselors/scholarship coordinators can also enroll their high schools by calling 202.336.6800 or emailing us at scholarships@imagine-america.org.

  5. The student fills out the online application. Please verify that the correct guidance counselor is listed at the bottom of the application.

    Note: Make sure the student uses his/her own email address when applying

  6. The student verifies all information on the application and clicks “Submit.”
  7. Make sure you and the student have a copy of the student's application ID number. This will ensure the application was submitted successfully, and you can use it to check the status of the student's application at any time!
  8. Once the application has been submitted, an email will be sent to the designated contact at the high school. The contact must review and accept or deny all applications before the process can move forward. If approved, the application is sent electronically to the student's career college choice.
  9. Once the application has been reviewed and accepted by the contact at the student’s high school, the career college representative will be prompted via email to confirm the acceptance.
  10. Once accepted by the college, the Foundation will send an Imagine America certificate and directions on how to claim the scholarship funds to the recipient.

We hope our 10-step process is helpful to you the next time you have a student in your office asking, “How do I do that?”