Electronic certificates help the Foundation go green!

Foundation Highlights

By Torian Brown

Everywhere you turn there is talk of going green and minimizing our carbon footprint. Here at IAF, we’ve caught the go-green bug and want to do something to help the environment and future generations!

Did you know, in the United States alone, Americans cut down more than 4 billion trees a year to make paper and cardboard for newspapers, magazines, packaging, junk mail, kitchen towels, toilet paper and boxes, among many other things? It takes at least 25 years for a tree to grow tall enough to be made into paper that we may use and throw away in a matter of minutes! Turning trees into paper also uses tremendous amounts of energy and water and causes a great deal of air and water pollution.

At the Imagine America Foundation we mail out certificates, letters and student guides, equaling hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper each year! Over the next month, the Foundation will be minimizing its carbon footprint by transitioning our paper process to a more eco-friendly electronic approach. What once were mail outs, certificates, letters and student guides will be sent directly via the Internet.

In the past, students had to wait patiently for their award letters and certificates to arrive in the mail. Many times students would put them away or forget about them until it came time for school. If a student misplaced his or her award letter or certificate, the Foundation would have to mail it out again and the whole waiting process would start over. Well, the new electronic certificate changes everything!

Shortly after students are awarded their scholarships or awards, they will receive a PDF of their certificates sent to their email address. Students can save this to their computer or print out as many copies as they need. Electronic certificates will ensure that students receive their information in a timely fashion, and the Foundation will be reducing its carbon footprint! It’s a win/win situation!

Additionally, the Foundation will be transitioning its Guide to Career Colleges from a hard copy publication to an online version. Soon, students will be able to search for schools by the program of study they are interested in and find out which schools offer those programs. Transitioning the Guide to an online version will again decrease our carbon footprint and make information easily accessible to students!

We are truly excited about our new endeavors to go green and save the environment for future generations!