Equipping our nation’s 21st century workforce

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by Jenny Faubert

Now is a time of great interest in career and technical education. The United States has profound interests at stake in the health of our 21st century workforce. All educators, regardless of institution type, have received a common mandate to provide their students, no matter their economic status, with the education and skills to compete not only with workers from around the U.S., but from across the globe. So, where do we go from here?

Twenty-five years ago, the Imagine America Foundation was established as the lead scholarship, faculty development and research provider of our nation’s career colleges and their students. The Foundation, through its newly created 21st Century Workforce Fund, is helping to build a consensus around a research-based framework for addressing the needs and tools available in educating America’s workforce. Through this new initiative, we have engaged organizations and individuals across the nation in partnering in this critical work for our common future. The Foundation’s supporters have taken this responsibility with a deep and abiding belief in the necessity and benefits of career and technical skills in equipping our nation’s workers.

The future of our nation’s 21st century workforce begins with the contributions made today. We are extremely thankful to all who have pledged and contributed their generous support to the 21st Century Workforce Fund. We gratefully acknowledge the support, vision and passion of these individuals and organizations for career education and its students.


  • Henry and Suzanne Herzing
  • EMB Medical Services
  • ITT Educational Services, Inc.
  • Sabrina Kay Foundation
  • Corinthian Colleges
  • Jack Larson
  • Lincoln Educational Services
  • Michael and Tamie Platt
  • Neumont University
  • PlattForm
  • Education Management Corporation
  • ATI Schools & Colleges
  • Education America, Inc.
  • Gail and Arthur Benjamin Foundation
  • Ex'pression College for Digital Arts
  • Duane Morris, LLP
  • Virginia Colleges
  • Ritzert & Leyton, P.C.
  • Mandl School
  • ICPR Junior College
  • Brad Gibbs (PlattForm)

For more information about the 21st Century Workforce Fund, please contact Foundation president Bob Martin at 202.336.6758 or bobm@career.org.