Flexible Schedule Needed

Caroly CrumpCarolyn Crump like most adult students needed to find a school that fits their schedule. Since Carolyn works full-time she needed a school that offered a flexible schedule. After researching on the Internet and speaking to others, Carolyn chose to attend the Medical Careers Institute.

Carolyn decided to go back to school in search of a better career. “With today’s economy, more adults are finding they need to get a higher education, however there is not much help financially, which is why I was extremely excited to receive the Imagine America ASEP award,” Crump said.

In 2010 Carolyn graduated from the Practical Nursing program and is working in the home care field. She currently is focusing on her studies to become licensed. After she obtains her license she will begin to look for a full-time job. Carolyn’s ultimate career goal is to become a Register Nurse.