Encouraging Student Financial Success

The Responsible Borrowing Tool Students Understand

Encouraging student financial success while training for the future

Amanda Jones 2013Amanda Jones, a 2013 Imagine America ASEP recipient attending Sullivan University, shares her experience with Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) and how it helped her make more responsible financial decisions.

Q: How or when did you first learn about financial aid? Did you find this information useful?

Amanda: I first learned about financial aid last year, as I was thinking about starting school. At the time, the information was not useful at all; instead, it was rather confusing and left me with unanswered questions.

Q: What was your financial situation before using the concepts of FPMS? What financial struggles did you face?

Amanda: My financial situation before Financial Planning Made Simple was basically living paycheck to paycheck and never having money left over for anything. I didn't know how to save or put money away for emergencies.

Q: How has FPMS helped you stay on task with your finances?

Amanda: I now keep track of when and where I spend money.

Q: Did you create a budget using the student financial planning tool? Have you created a budget before? If not, did creating a budget help you make a more responsible financial decision?

Amanda: I had never in my life made a budget before, but I figured I would give it a try. With this new budget, I am now more responsible with my spending.

Q: Did you borrow less because of watching FPMS? If so, approximately how much?

Amanda: Yes, I did take out fewer loans; the total is about $26,000.

Q: Did FPMS help better prepare you to pay your student loans upon graduating? Why or why not?

Amanda: I do think it helped me prepare, because I can go ahead and start saving up money to put toward my payments when I finish school.

Q: What was the most important concept you learned from viewing FPMS?

Amanda: The most important thing I learned was that without a budget and keeping track of spending, you never know where your money is going or how much you really have.

Q: How can other students benefit from FPMS?

Amanda: Other students can benefit by learning financial responsibility and how to save that extra penny or two.