A Disability is Only as Bad as You Let it Become

Noble SalernoNoble Salerno first found out about Grantham University while attending a local community college. He was unable to focus and suffered from migraine headaches in class due to combat related injuries. Noble’s Wounded Warrior counselor told him about Grantham University when he saw he was frustrated and struggling with his grades. At the time Noble did not know if an online university would work for him, however, he knew a classroom setting was not right with his disabilities.

Noble said he primarily learned from this experience that a disability is only as bad as you let it become. He went from struggling at a technical college - unsure of what to do - to nearly completing his MBA while holding a 3.1 GPA.

“As a result of receiving the scholarship, I was able to stay in school, while indirectly saving Christmas for my family,” Noble said. “This was the first scholarship I have ever received and was deeply honored to be chosen.”