What You Need to Know to Find Scholarships for Education!

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Finding scholarships and resources can be a time consuming task.  But it’s worth it!  Scholarships and grants can help alleviate college expenses. The cost of a higher education can be daunting for some students; however it should never prevent a student from getting an education. 

Many adult students, military personnel, parents and their high school students are trying to figure out how they’ll afford college expenses.  Before resorting to student loans, students should seriously research scholarships and grants opportunities.  There are thousands of scholarships and awards out there for all ages and levels of education.  Let the research begin!

Hard Work and Dedication Pay Off!

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Already as a young man, Johnathan Edwards has overcome many life obstacles. At the age of two, his mother and two brothers passed away in a house fire. At the time, Johnathan was staying with his grandmother, who passed shortly after the tragedy. A guiding star in his life, his aunt raised him along with her four kids.

As a freshman in high school he moved to Oakland and attended Oakland High School, where he excelled in the JROTC program. In his junior year he received the African America Achievement Award for his 3.25 GPA. In his final year of high school, Johnathan and became Lieutenant Colonel; the highest ranked cadet in his high school at the time.

Success Stories of Career College Students

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Every year we start collecting nominations for the Imagine America Promise scholarship program.  This is one of the times we get to meet our recipients on a more personal level.  Not only are these students Imagine America recipients but they are also career college students learning skills to better their future.  After interviewing several Promise recipients, all I can say is they are quite amazing!