July 2010

Nelnet Makes Donation to Imagine America Foundation's Promise Scholarship Program

Washington, D.C. (July 12, 2010) – Every year, the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) awards dedicated career college students scholarships to help fund their education. Since its creation in 2002, the Foundation’s Promise program has provided nearly $600,000 in scholarships, which have supported more than 700 students. T he Promise scholarships are funded entirely by our sponsors.
This year, the Nelnet Foundation has presented the Imagine America Foundation with a $25,000 donation. With this donation, more career college students will have assistance paying for their education.

"We are excited to provide scholarship funding for deserving students pursuing important educational and career goals," said Jeff Noordhoek, President of Nelnet. "Creating educational opportunities for students has always been, and will continue to be, the focus of our philanthropic efforts."

As many career college students struggle to balance school with work and raising a family, the Imagine America Promise scholarship program helps hard-working students stay on their feet.

"IAF has really helped me in funding my college education," said Nicole Black, 2009 recipient from ETI Technical College of Niles. "They have made me realize that with hard work, good things can happen." Last year, the program helped 100 recipients, which came from 53 different campuses nationwide.

The Imagine America Foundation has a promise to aid students currently attending one of the Foundation’s participating colleges. The Promise scholarship program is an addition to the award-winning Imagine America scholarship program and provides a means of fulfilling this pledge. Grants are awarded to students who show a strong dedication to their program of study through good grades and consistent attendance records.

Study Shows Imagine America's Center for Excellence in Education's Faculty Development Program is a Positive Investment for Career Colleges

Washington, D.C. (July 07, 2010) – With so many Americans looking for an education that leads to real career opportunities, the instructors who are opening the way to career success must rely on the best-available training for their own continuing education.  Now new research shows that The Center for Excellence in Education’s Faculty Development training program available to the career education sector of higher education is as effective as it is innovative.

The Imagine America Foundation (IAF) sponsored a research study conducted by the ROI Institute to measure the impact of The Faculty Development Program offered by the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE). The analysis was conducted on the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) – Mooresville, NC campus. Researchers set out to validate the program’s alignment to performance needs, understand the impact of the program in relation to student retention and course retakes, and ultimately determine the return on investment (ROI) percentage of the program.

The ROI Institute found that The CEE Faculty Development Program was a worthwhile investment for UTI’s Mooresville campus. Based on program evaluation surveys, participants reported having a positive experience with the program and 79 percent of the participants considered their teaching behaviors to have improved after going through the development program. The study also showed that there was an increase in job satisfaction, career development and student satisfaction on the UTI campus.