Adult Excellence Award Online Application

INSTRUCTIONS - Please read before beginning application.
When completing the application you cannot complete part of the application and come back.  If you do close the page before you finish or click on the back button your information will be erased and you will need to start over.  Additionally, you must complete all fields on the application form.  If all the fields are not completed you will be deemed ineligible.
All applications are due by: March 1, 2016
Before you begin the Adult Excellence Award online application you will need the following:
The same email address as the one you used to apply for the Adult Skills Education Award (ASEP)
Attendance rate but be listed in percentage and be between 95% and 100%
GPA must be listed using the 4.0 scale, if we receive a number that is not on the 4.0 scale you will be disqualified
Expected graduation date, must be after April 1, 2016
Name of college along with the address, city, state, and zip
Name of the college representative who is recommending you, along with their title, phone number, and email address
Must write a student statement describing why you chose to attend the college, why you chose your program of study and what you like best about the college (should be no less than 100 words and no more than 400 words)
Must write a student testimonial describing how receiving the 1st Imagine America scholarship has helped you, and how will the Adult Excellence Award help you (should be no less than 100 words and no more than 400 words)
Recommendation letter from the college as a PDF or JPEG file
Must have a high resolution (300 dpi) student picture (a headshot would be best and no group pictures) as a JPEG, TIFF, or GIFF file
Copy of your transcripts as a PDF or JPEG file (can be an unofficial transcript)
If you do not know your email address or have any questions, please contact Leroy Doubleday at
Adult Excellence Award